I became the Denver Broncos Barrel Man for a day - man, was it fun.

The History Colorado Center in Denver has a "Colorado A to Z" exhibit on the second floor with all sorts of fun Colorado history displays, including the iconic Broncos Barrel Man getup. Obviously I wasn't able to try on the actual barrel, but they have adult and youth-size replicas for the public to try on. The large barrel was obviously too big on me, but then I discovered the kids' size, tried it on, and felt like a true barrel queen.

For anyone else who has lived under a rock and away from football like I have my entire life, the Broncos Barrel Man (Tim McKernan) was a superfan who attended all but 4 home games from 1967 until his death. McKernan's barrel made its first appearance in 1977 after making a $10 bet with his brother over whether wearing the barrel would get him on TV. Major health issues led him to retire the act in 2007, though he continued going to games until he passed away in 2009.

Aside from the barrel, History Colorado Center is a really fun place to check out. They have an Awkward Family Photos exhibit (it ends January 8, 2017) and other displays worth perusing.


    Speaking of History Colorado Center, here's another part of the A to Z exhibit featuring a ski jump simulator. (My boyfriend won a gold medal, but I *probably* crashed and died.)