My story of how I came to live in Wyoming is short and sweet.

On vacation to Yellowstone when I was in my teens, I declared, "this is where I'm going to live." I applied to the University of Wyoming a few years later, was accepted ... and at the age of 17, I moved to Laramie from Milwaukee and never once thought about leaving.

Marrying a cowboy 18 years ago really sealed the deal and has forced me to truly embrace our Western way of life.

From Spring branding to 30-mile trips into the backcountry of Wyoming, I love all that this state has to offer both me AND my family of 7.

But as the years go on, I admit that I don't quite hop up from my sleeping bag quite as quickly...and on our last camping trip that was full of gloomy wet days, I longed for a hot shower to help me warm up...even if it was only for a few minutes.

Maybe that's why I was SO enchanted when I came across Snowy Range Yurt Cabins.

They offer access to the gorgeous Snowy Range mountains yet have all the cozy comforts of home ... including a 6-person hot tub to soak in after you Summit Medicine Bow Peak.

Take An Up Close Look At The Snowy Range Yurt Cabins

Book a weekend in the Snowy Range Yurt Cabins and enjoy a unique stay in comfort and create memories with those you love...Hike the Snowy Range, summit Medicine Bow Peak, and celebrate with pizza in Centennial, Wyoming.

I reached out to Rick and Stephanie Osborne, the Laramie couple behind Snowy Range Yurts, and this is what they had to say,

Our family has always enjoyed hiking and spending time enjoying the beautiful Snowy Range Mountains. Stephanie and I wanted to create an opportunity for many other families to get to enjoy those same experiences as well. So we built these really unique yurt cabins at the base of the mountain and hope that after a long day of adventure, our guests will enjoy relaxing in the private hot tub with some local pizza from the small town of Centennial.

You may recall that I planned to climb Medicine Bow Peak with some friends this year. You better believe I'm going to see if I can book this for us to stay in.

The cost is $225 per night, with a minimum two-night stay required. You can reach out to them via their Instagram Account to book your stay. The Osbornes mentioned that they would be adding more Yurts this Summer, so follow them on Instagram to be the first to know when they have more Yurts available.

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