Now here's a new way to do Crested Butte!  Or, anywhere there's snow.

First question:  How hard is it to stop?  Because, when all else fails, any snowboarder knows you bail and fall on purpose in a worst-case scenario.

Second:  Where can I rent one?  It'll be worth asking any and every ski rental outfit from here to Vail.  Purchase price is about $875, so that's not happening this year for me!

For those of us who love the idea of jumps, but don't like trusting our knees that much, this is a way to get a bunch more of 'em in.  Interesting to me is how the rear wheel cuts back & forth just the way a second ski would.  You see that more in this:

Third, and most important question:  You won't be taking this on a ski lift, but rather, shifting to your lower gears to get to the top of the run - soooo, it would be free to go as long as the ski resort allows it, right?  Or, forget that, this is the baddest back country ski machine ever!

With the price of lift tickets now, are you even kidding me??  This sucker might pay for itself the first couple of years!

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