Besides a beautiful ski resort and historic downtown, Breckenridge is home to another unique attraction — a gigantic, 15-foot troll that sits in the forest on the outskirts of town. 

Known affectionately by locals as Isak Heartstone, this incredible structure was hand-built a couple of months ago by Danish artist, Thomas Dambo, along with the help of local volunteers. Using recycled and reclaimed wood from downed trees on the nearby trail, this gentle giant has come to have a personalty all of its own, and attracts visitors from all over the world. Dambo has created 39 distinct trolls in different countries around the globe, but this is the first one in the western United States. He usually names the trolls after someone who helped with the building process, or a name that has a local connection – in this case, Isak Heartstone came about after a heart-shaped stone that was given to Dambo by some neighborhood kids during construction. That particular stone was even incorporated into the final trail art exhibit too.

If you're ever in Breckenridge, Isak Heartstone can be found on East Wellington Trail near French Creek. A map showing the trail head's location can be found here.

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