Picture it... You're hungry, it's Saturday night and you really want a good breakfast burrito and there is absolutely zero chance of you cooking at this time of night. Admit it...You've been there! That is exactly where my wife and I where this past Saturday night. There was only one option for us. That option is just west of I-25 on 104th ave in Northglenn. Tamale Kitchen is a small place with big flavor when it comes to breakfast burritos. Did I mention they are cheap? They are! At certain time of the day and weekend nights, for a mere $2 you can score yourself a freshly made breakfast burrito stuffed full eggs, potatoes, your choice of meat (sausage is my number 1 go to), copious amounts of melted cheese and that oh so tasty green chile!

35 miles from my garage door to the drive thru is the drive that is awaiting us at almost 11 p.m., but we're hungry and that's what we want... Jump in the car and let's go get some food!

What seemed like forever in the car, was actually not long at all. I was hungry and I want my burrito now!!! Now comes the wait. There is ALWAYS a line at the drive-thru at Tamale Kitchen. ALWAYS! That is alright, as I know there will be a heavenly breakfast burrito in my possession soon.


Matt Sparx

After about 10 minutes waiting behind other hungry folks, we are now ready to order. You are welcomed by a loud prerecorded message and a vast menu of endless options to feast on. No need to look it over, we already know what we are getting. That would be a sausage, egg and potato special burrito. One for my wife and one for myself, and a flan for the wife. She loves the stuff!

Matt Sparx

The order is placed and our food comes out to less than $10 during the Midnight madness special pricing. We're almost to the promised land as there is only one car that stands between us and the window where we will pick up our burritos.

Matt Sparx

Now that we have our food, there is no time to waste. It has become a tradition to get our food and sit in the parking lot with some music going, the windows down and enjoy our burritos. That is exactly what we do...

Matt Sparx

I am a lover of breakfast burritos. However, there are a few things that set a great breakfast burrito apart from most. Here is what you need to have an epicly awesome breakfast burrito:

  1. They need to be freshly made. Breakfast burritos that are pre-made turn me off in two departments, flavor and consistency. Freshly made breakfast burritos have more flavor than those that have been sitting for a few hours. I don't know why, they simply do. Don't get me started on the consistency of a pre-made burrito. It's a great notion to have a breakfast burrito ready to roll for the customers, but when they sit for a while, they turn to mush, they get cold and the tortilla turns slimy. Fresh is king when it comes to burritos!
  2. Green Chile - I am a glutton for punishment sometimes. This rings true when it comes to spicy food. I have to have my green chile spicy, but not too spicy that it drowns out the deep flavor that the pork green chile is known for. Tamale Kitchen delivers a great bite when it comes to green chile. It's hot. That type of hot that lingers on your lips for a good 5 minutes after you eat it, but you don't feel like you are going to have to drown your face in your drink to extinguish the fire.
  3. The eggs have to be cooked just right. Too little and you have a gross breakfast burrito. Too much and you have something that resembles a new flavor of beef jerky.
  4. Tortillas, the body armor of Colorado's iconic food. They have to be quality tortillas. Anything less is just a travesty and unworthy of a breakfast burrito.
Matt Sparx

The burritos have been eaten and now it is time to head home and finish up the last leg of the journey that is a 70 mile round trip for some breakfast burritos. I say goodbye to Tamale Kitchen with a thankful wave as my craving has been satisfied... For now. I'll probably be back in less than a week.

You don't have to be like me and drive all that way for just a burrito, or you can be if you have a love for breakfast burritos like I do! If you are heading down that way and you have a craving for a good burrito, stop by and grab one! I do every single time we head down to Denver.