We've had a pretty mild winter here in Colorado so far, and we were even spared the wrath of the Polar Vortex 2019. As for the Midwest, well, even antifreeze is freezing

Sure, I wasn't thrilled about scraping the ice off my windshield on a 19-degree morning in Fort Collins today, and then waiting for ten minutes for my car warm up, but at least I could start it. This video from the Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois) shows how the -24 degree temps even froze something that is literally called 'antifreeze.'

Over in Chicago, you can freeze a cotton t-shirt just from the air alone, as shared by Barstool Sports on Instagram. No thanks. [Video contains profanity.]

So for now, we'll just scrape our ice and soak up our sunshine here in Colorado and count our blessings. We will have temps in the mid-50s through Sunday (yay!).

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