The home of Nachoes Navidad has upped its holiday game again. Not only has Taco John's brought back the Apple Grande (it's apple pie, which is synonymous with the holidays in my book,) but now they're selling ... Christmas Sweaters?

Taco John's Enters the Ugly Christmas Sweater Game

You read that right. Taco John's has launched a limited-edition Christmas Sweater. In an official press release issued on November 6, Taco John’s Chief Marketing Officer, Barry Westrum announced, “We’re thrilled to launch our holiday merch site, with sweaters showcasing our famously unique dessert for fans to cherish for years to come!” The sweater showcases the famous Apple Grande in festive holiday colors.

Never had an Apple Grande? It's quite the treat. The press release describes it as "a weird yet delicious dessert that layers warm apple pie filling, shredded all-natural Cheddar cheese, and a sprinkle of red candy seasoning on top of a crispy cinnamon-sugar tortilla." That about sums it up perfectly. If you like apple pie, you'll love the Apple Grande.

But back to the sweaters. I know several Apple Grande fans who would definitely rep the sweet treat at a holiday party. They look pretty comfortable and are described as having "comfortable stretch."

Taco John's/Canva Pro
Taco John's/Canva Pro


Here's what the website has to say about the product:

"We think you'll agree that "Ugly" is just a stylistic name choice, and that these festive Taco John's® sweaters are absolutely gorgeous. Absolutely smothered in apple goodness, this commemorative Apple Grande sweater is guaranteed to make you the envy of everyone in the room. (It helps that it's ridiculously warm and includes a healthy, comfortable stretch.)"

In addition to the Ugly Christmas Sweater, Taco John's has also released an Apple Grande candle and a special edition Christmas ornament for fans to enjoy this holiday season. You can find the products in the official merch store by clicking here.

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