Even though I ride dozens of ski lifts every winter, I was nervous riding the gondola at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park; so you can guess how willing I'd be to hop on this baby:

It puts you 1300 feet above the Colorado River.  The SCENERY, though!  What's that?  Oh yeah, you probably don't have much of a chance to notice that when you're busy checking over and over to make sure you're still alive.

Other options for thrills and/or recreation in Glenwood that I would try before this:

If you're INTO the canyon swing, no doubt you'd love other fun choices here, like:

  • The Cliffhanger Roller Coaster (which I call a nope coaster)
  • The Alpine Roller Coaster (I'll be somewhere else)
  • The Haunted Mine Drop (again, how about no)
  • The Iron Mountain Tramway (a bit more like it)

Okay, I'll admit the swing could be worse.  It could do a full rotation.

Even the way it is, I'm guessing they have to sanitize the seats numerous times per day.



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