This egg-filled weekend was jam-packed. Thousands of parents, kids, mascots and Easter enthusiasts came out to Greeley to see the Great Outdoors RV Company's helicopter eggs-travaganza celebration.

NoCo Egg Drop was a completely sold-out event. It's hard to speculate exactly how many people went, but there were approximately 60,000 eggs for 3,000 children. Tickets were also divided into specific age groups for the kids: 2-4 y/o, 5-7 y/o, 8-10 y/o, 11-13 y/o, and 14-16 y/o.

Unfortunately, the early birds got the worm on this one. If you came after the morning drop (like I did) you probably missed seeing the helicopter. That's because wind speed had picked up dramatically and it became too dangerous to use the helicopter. This part of the event was dropped (pun intended). Staff members started laying eggs out by hand, and truthfully this looked like a lot of fun too.

This did not deter the kids, and they still had a blast running around the turf field/drop zone hunting for eggs, stuffing as many as they could into their baskets. Some kids got carried away and started taking the prizes out of the eggs and smashing the plastic capsules on the ground.

You might be wondering what those prizes were. Most of them were fun things for the kids, like candy or toys, but there were a few specialty items in the mix. Some of the event's sponsors snuck in a few pretty sweet treats for the parents. Here at Townsquare, we hid a few tickets to this year's Taste of Fort Collins festival. If you received this sweet deal but did not cash in at the table, please reach out to us.

As of writing this article, all signs point to this event returning next year. If you want to be the first in line for the Egg Hunt next year, tickets are on sale now for the 2023 NoCo Egg Drop.

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