Just a friendly reminder: Do not cliff dive. We repeat: Do not cliff dive.

Fourth of July is prime time for making bad decisions, it just usually involves explosives. For this woman, an 80-foot belly flop over the holiday weekend was the reason for a call to paramedics.

This story was shared by Unofficial Networks, and while we can't find any confirmation from an official news source, the bottom line is to take this as a cautionary tale.

The woman in this Instagram video (shared by @ayeeyoodukay) reportedly plummeted over 80 feet (however, some commenters speculate the distance is not that far), and then landed belly first. The video appears to have been taken at Paradise Cove, a secluded area near Colorado Springs, known for its cliff diving.

Warning: This does hurt to watch.

We've been told our entire lives not to jump off rocks into lakes, whether it be Horsetooth, Seaman Reservoir or anywhere else -- because it's just so dangerous. You can't see what's in the water below you, and you could break your back or neck, wind up dead or like the woman in this video, whose condition is unknown. We hope she is OK.

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