While Windsor is continually growing, it's still considered a small city. However, it's one of the best to live in as it ranked in the top 6% of small cities in America according to a Wallet Hub study.

When looking at places to live, people out of their 20s hardly want to live in the middle of a big city. Of course, there are outliers and people who live in Denver-like cities their whole lives, and for that I commend you.

However, it seems more people want to move to smaller cities with a slower pace of life. So, it makes sense that Windsor has become so popular over the last few years.

Since just 2015, Windsor has grown from an estimated population of 23,500 to about 32,000 calculated in 2020. It now sits at the 25th largest city in Colorado.

In the study that Wallet Hub ran, they looked at factors like housing costs, income growth, crime rate, and because of the world we currently live in, the percentage of residents who are fully vaccinated.

Obviously, public health concerns should be a pretty important matter to consider when looking at the quality and fit of the city you're considering moving to. With COVID as prevalent as it still is, the general vaccination rate can tie into the concern of safety for a lot of people.

In fact, looking at all the elements this "Best Small Cities" list was judged off of, Windsor is the fourth-best small city in Colorado, behind only Castle Rock, Broomfield, and Parker.

So, if you're looking for the next best, upcoming small city, snag a spot in Windsor while you can. The current median sale price for homes is estimated at $570,000 with a median sale price per square foot sitting at $179 per square foot.

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