The Foundry in Downtown Loveland breaks ground in late march; and will hopefully be ready for the public a year from now.  We know it will have a movie theater, a plaza, a parking garage and probably a hotel. But what if, we could get them to bring some of old Downtown Loveland—back!

Loveland Pocket Park
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They were calling it The South Catalyst- as in ‘Starting a fire in south Downtown Loveland.’  ‘The Foundry does have a better ring to it.  When it opens in the first quarter of 2018, I believe The Foundry will be great. A movie theater, the plaza, Little Man Ice Cream, a hotel, a nice parking garage. There will be OTHER businesses within The Foundry, but it’s still pretty early to say who.  I have, what I think, is a fantastic idea for a new business there!

When I was a kid, my brother and I would get on our bikes and ride all the way from where we lived, (near Loveland High School) to Downtown to have fun within a building that no longer exists. At 4th and Lincoln there is currently what they call ‘Pocket Park;’ it has a couple of sculptures and benches and a few brick pillars. The pillars are what remain of a two-story building that used to be there before it burned down about 30 years ago.

Within that old building was Pinball Palace. An arcade. My brother and I would drop $5 of our hard earned allowance (or pleading with mom) playing great games like Galaga, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. It was great!

What I’m suggesting, is that somebody open up an arcade in The Foundry- and call it Pinball Palace! Bring something from old Downtown Loveland into the new Downtown Loveland! Plus, with all the success that Pinball Jones is seeing in Old Town Square, I think the timing is right for a new Pinball Palace! There’s going to be a movie theater, there’s going to be ice cream, The Foundry is screaming for an arcade!

Who’s with me?

Watch this guy from Canda show you how to excel at pinball, ey?

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