Just another reason to be "Bear Aware" this season. Another black bear was spotted and relocated, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northeast Region.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife, with the help from the West Metro Fire Department and Lakewood Police Department, relocated a 350 -pound bear after it was seen roaming around town July 11.

Wildlife officers examined the bear's teeth and believe the male black bear is close to 15-years-old.

Officers responded to the call regarding the bear near 9 a.m., but weren't able to get the bear down from the spruce tree via tranquilizer dart until nearly 9 p.m..


After wildlife officers shot the bear with a tranquilizer, an officer West Metro Fire Department climbed the tree putting a harness on the bear.

Once the bear was down CPW was able to examine the bear to see how old it was.

They then transported the bear in a transportable cage.

Officers were able to release the bear into a natural habitat the Sunday morning.

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