With over 560,000 Twitter followers, the Colorado Rockies do an amazing job of engaging their fans with creative, witty and informative tweets. This weekend, they even caught the attention of one outspoken celebrity, who chimed in during Saturday's game.

On June 22, the Rockies were playing the Dodgers, with #54 Carlos Estévez on the mound as starting pitcher. Actor Charlie Sheen, who's legal birth name is also Carlos Estévez, decided to have a little fun during the game, taking to the Rockies' Twitter to joke about how he loves being in two places at once and how much bigger he looks on TV.

The Rockies responded back with a photo of the two namesake's together.

Carlos Estévez, himself, also tweeted back to Sheen following the game. Unfortunately, he couldn't use the actor's famous "winning" tagline, as the Rox lost 5-4 in Los Angeles.


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