Getting back to the simple things has gotten many of us through this last year. I've enjoyed more sunsets, trees, nature sounds, and now, the pure joy that is, a puppy.

Meet our new puppy named Sequoia. Yes, she has tiny needle teeth that make us all yell "ouch" many times a day. Yes, she pees and poops in the house as she learns to ask to go outside.

But in between those things, Sequoia is innocent, fresh and a pure pleasure to watch. She is navigating new sounds, smells, farm animals, the cat, tile floors, and 3 kids who just can't get enough of her.

The impact of this pandemic for a puppy is more playtime. More attention.

Kama/TSM "She is so sweet"
Kama/TSM "Puppies do chew shoes"
Kama/TSM  "Puppy sleeping with her tongue out"
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