Never underestimate the power and influence of social media.

These days, the second a trend hits peoples' feeds, it spreads like wildfire. Especially, it seems, with teenagers.

The beloved TikTok app, which used to be a lot of lipsyncing and dancing, has created the next wave of a mischievous trend that is wreaking havoc on school bathrooms.

Disclaimer: strong language used in video

The trend that encourages vandalizing your school bathroom has officially hit Northern Colorado, and Loveland parents are not happy about it.

In an original post addressing the trend in a Facebook group, parent Noel Amber said their 10th grader's bathrooms at Thompson Valley High School have been closed completely because of the trend. Additionally, a student at Loveland High School is reported to have stolen a whole bathroom stall.

How does someone even steal an entire bathroom stall?

Anyways, the trend seems pretty widespread already. A middle school in Loveland was hit by vandalism, students were caught in Greeley for the same thing and charged, and parents are actually torn on how to approach the problem.

Of course, the majority believe that behavior needs to be fixed at the source. Several comments on the initial Facebook post say that respect is not being taught how it should and kids should know better than to be influenced by a trend like this.

However, a fair few parents are actually defending the students, saying that their privacy is of utmost importance. Kids shouldn't feel like their parents are looking over their shoulders and stopping it before it can begin because they expect this type of behavior out of their kids.

What do you think?

It seems like another small part of the trend is also stealing small things from your teachers' desks without them noticing.

Obviously, vandalism and stealing are never good in any context, especially when it comes to school property. School should be a safe place for education, not a place to attempt to go viral for an obscene TikTok trend.

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