After getting snowed in last weekend and then digging ourselves back out of our snow holes, I think we all deserve a decadent treat – preferably one that’s as wholesome and hole-y as our snow caves.

It’s doughnuts, I’m talking about doughnuts. I know, I’ll see myself out—But, in the meantime, here’s all the wonderful places you can get these glazed, raised, and caked treats in Northern Colorado. (And no, I’m not including King Soopers in this once, since I’m assuming that’s a bit of a gimme.)

  1. LaMar’s Coffee and Donuts – Fort Collins

Providing coffee, delicious doughnuts and other baked goods, LaMar’s has two locations in Fort Collins, so there’s no shame in driving to one, then the other in an infinite loop of doughnuts. They’ve got everything from fruit-flavored cake donuts to Ray’s Original Glazed doughnut, German Chocolate knots, bizmarks, buttermilk bars and fritters.

  1. The Doughnut Club – Fort Collins

Located both in Fort Collins and in Denver, the Doughnut Club is remarkable in that its name is one of the few that spells ‘doughnut’ properly. But what’s also great about them is that they’ll ship doughnuts straight to your door across the nation, so anyone can have their delicious Birthday Cake, Cookie Mash, Unicorn and Nutter Butter doughnuts.

  1. Fort Collins Donut Co. – Fort Collins

Founded in Fort Collins, the Fort Collins Donut Co., affectionately known as FoCo DoCo, is an Old Town must-visit that always provides coffee and doughnuts for any weary traveler. Some notable items on their menu are the Drunken Leprechaun (just in time for a belated St. Patty’s day) and the Jitterbug, which features a coffee glaze and crushed dark chocolate-covered-espresso beans on top.

  1. Peace, Love and Little Donuts – Fort Collins and Loveland

If you’re a NoCo native, who hasn’t heard of this college-student, late-night-study-buddy favorite? This establishment provides a truly delightful amount of truly original doughnuts, from the Banana Split to the Salted Caramel Machiatto to the Heath Wind and Fire – and, since they’re a bit smaller than your classic confection, you can easily justify getting a whole box of these puppies just for you. And a friend. Or just for you.

  1. Dunkin’ – Loveland and Fort Collins

Look, are you even a real town if you don’t have a Dunkin’? Luckily, NoCo has a couple of these classic one-stop-shops for doughnuts, coffee and other snacks. Plus, you can never forget their supply of Munchkins, either. From crullers to Long Johns and everything in between, you just can’t go wrong with Dunkin’.

  1. Donut Haus – Loveland

Personally, I’m the most familiar with this doughnut shop because it’s right next to where I get my groceries, so I constantly have a good excuse to go peruse their offerings and lie to myself by saying I’m not going to get one. Offering your usual variety of cake and raised donuts, Donut Haus has you covered whether you prefer devil’s food cake or coconut, plus a lovely variety of rolls and twists, too.

  1. The Cupcake Gypsies – Loveland

Ok, yes, The Cupcake Gypsies technically specialize in cupcakes – as they should, since it’s very much in their name—but along with their astounding array of cupcake flavors, they also offer doughnuts by the dozen. They’re currently working on expanding their doughnut repertoire, so you can call them to get exactly the flavor you want. You know, as long as you’re in the mood for getting at least two dozen (their rules, not mine).

  1. Backyard Bird Chicken & Donuts – Timnath

This home-grown chicken and doughnut shop offer the perfect blend of sweet and savory snacks, now allowing you to get doughnuts and say it’s technically part of a balanced-ish meal. Besides any variation of their “Donut of the Month,” you also have the option of Cinnamon Cardamom Sugar raised doughnuts, or chocolate, vanilla and glazed goods. Oh, yeah, plus a healthy leg of fried chicken, to balance out that salty-sweet feeling.

  1. Mr. Yo’s Donut – Windsor

Although Windsor’s favorite doughnut depot was temporarily closed throughout the difficulties of 2020, the community refused to see them go and helped keep them afloat as we all pushed through the worst of the pandemic. Now, they’re back in business with their sausage rolls and variety boxes of doughnuts, and we couldn’t be happier.

  1. Johnson’s Corner – Johnstown

Ok, so Johnson’s Corner doesn’t technically list doughnuts as an item on their menu, but I’d feel remiss not including Johnson’s on a list of delightful bakery treats. I mean, cinnamon rolls are basically like swirled doughnuts, right? Or, if you don’t feel like getting the only cinnamon rolls that rival the Silver Grill’s, they also have cakes and pies, too.

  1. Elliott’s Café – Eaton



Posted by Elliott's Cafe on Saturday, March 13, 2021

A family-run business based out in Eaton, Elliott’s café is a local favorite that provides sturdier fare along with baked goods. But since we know you’re only looking at this list for the sweetest of treats, they offer everything from breads to cakes and, yes, doughnuts. In an incredibly Colorado move, they’ll even be opening a Pupery so that you can buy treats for your dog, too.

  1. Winchell’s – Greeley

With two locations in Greeley, you can always be sure your doughnut needs are going to be met in eastern Colorado. With an extensive menu featuring a variety of icings, sprinkles and glazes, there’s always going to be something to catch your fancy at Winchell’s – especially their ‘Fancy’ bear claws.

  1. Donut Factory – Evans

Posted by Greeley Evans District 6 Family Center on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Finally, last but not least, Evans’ Donut Factory provides confections that produced plenty of rave reviews online, as well as sausage rolls and bread. Some reviewers even said this bakery was more than ample competition for Winchell’s—It’s always good to see some inter-doughnut conflict.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go do some “field research” for this article. Have a great weekend, and take this piece as an excuse to get yourself some doughnuts.

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