Sure, sure, if you like trophy rainbow trout or Kokanee salmon, Eleven Mile State Park is definitely the place to go. But did you know it offers a little something more for Cajun lovers, too?

Crayfish— also known as crawfish if you're from Louisiana— are typically used in foods like soups, bisques and étouffées. It's a southern delicacy that you can get right here in Colorado, so grab your crawdaddy and get to fishin'.

According to a blog entry on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website, Darcy Mount, Eleven Mile State Park Manager, says that during a routine boat call around the lake, they found a pontoon boat whose captain had pulled in over 100 pounds of crayfish.

This captain ended up being a restaurant owner while his skipper, Bill, is a former White House Chef. Who knew?

You can learn more about trapping crayfish right here. 

PHOTOS: Catching Crayfish in Colorado

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