I got up yesterday, perfect morning - sunny, just the right temperature.  And probably around 11, in a flash, I heard this wind come up, and all in a sudden the mountains started looking super hazy, and I swear I even smelled forest fire.  I was thinking, "Oh no, not again."

In case you didn't know, any of that you see today is coming in from the Northwest region.  There's a stretch of dozens of these wildfires that starts in Northern California, goes through Washington, Oregon, and over to Montana.  There are literally like 70+ of these right now.  In Colorado, there's one I've heard of so far, near Steamboat Springs.  So we'll wish the best for everyone living in those affected areas, and especially the first responders who'll be on top of that stuff.

Click the map to see where the fires are currently:

USDA Forest Service
USDA Forest Service

It seems like we'd be as safe as can be from fires after all the rain this summer.  It's also helpful that it's not supposed to top 90 degrees this entire week.

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