The craze is impossible to deny. Virtually everyone is hunting virtual Pokémon with the PokemonGo app.  I’m not going to tell you that I know what all the hype is about, but I can tell you where you might want to go hunting in Loveland!

‘At least their getting out of the house.’ That seems to be what everyone says when they don’t understand what the PokemonGo craze is all about. So, that’s what I’ve been saying. From what I gather, people download the app, and then hunt for Pokemon that will later be traded. Yippee. In my head, I used my ‘Clint Eastwood voice’ to say that.

They can pop up in all sorts of public places: Grocery stores, parks, the bank, a movie theater..  The Reporter-Herald had a story on the craze the other day and they pointed out where in Loveland that most people have been finding Pokemon.

Chilson Rec Center
YouTube/Chilson Recreation Center
Benson Sculpture Garden
Google Street Maps

The Chilson Recreation Center and Benson Sculpture Garden. They make sense: Public places where you can move around. I can see the new MeHaffey Park being a part of it, and I’ve seen people talking about Downtown being a spot to ‘catch ‘em all’…  Where have you found Pokemon in Loveland?

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