It's something many of us have started to think of with cooler days ahead: What will happen to patio and sidewalk dining? As outdoor seating keeps the bar and restaurant industry afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, unpredictable fall and winter weather may throw businesses a curve ball. 

Typically, Colorado has pretty more mild winter days than not, but there's always that chance of a bitter cold week or extended days of snowfall (which the Farmer's Almanac says we may be in for this year).

9NEWS spoke with restaurant owners who expressed that tents and heaters for outdoor seating is costly, and they may just rely on creative indoor seating, which presents a challenge.

Ultimately, we may be headed back to where we were in March and April, with curbside pickup and delivery only, which isn't so great, but it's better than seeing restaurants shutter forever. You can read the full story from 9NEWS here.

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