Another Denver Bronco game. Surprisingly, another loss. NOT. This has now turned from a bad season to an embarrassing one. And Vance Joseph is to blame.

But how does he rank, in his young Broncos career, as one of the worst head coaches in our team's history?

With a team that has only had 16 head coaches throughout their entire history, it may be tough to find a long list of coaches that we can compare Vance Joseph to. Which may make it easy for him to top the list, especially after the game against the Dolphins where it seems like nothing went right with the team.

Safeties...interceptions...bad special teams...the list goes on and on...

But how does Vance compare to this former head coach that we'd like to forget?

Or how about John Fox, who had respectable success in Denver?

It may be too early to tell how Vance Joseph's Bronco career will turn out, but he's heading down a less than memorable road.

Do you think he is the worst coach in Broncos history, or is there someone else that has that honor? Place your vote below!


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