I was leaving a friend's last night, turning off Riverside to go west onto Prospect, when I saw these giant lights - like lightning - over everything to the right of me.  They flashed over and over though, so I knew it wasn't lightning.  I kind of thought something was blowing up - but thankfully there were no signs of that.  Seconds later I was passing by CSU Stadium, and by then I had figured out that's what the lights were, and that the fog across Fort Collins was illuminating that light bigtime.

This video sucks, but it shows it happening from Taft Hill Road.  Pretty crazy.

The question that remains is:  Why were all the lights at CSU Stadium flashing?  Some comments on the Coloradoan Facebook page rumor that it's CSU letting everyone know there's a threat and that everyone needs to leave campus.  Time will tell on this - like, they seriously need to let us all know what was up with that, right?  Even if it was just an electrical short, or they were testing something, or a kid got his hand on the big light switch.

Of course, there was something terrible happening, although it could've turned out worse:  Some horrible person made a bomb threat at Morgan Library around 7:45.  About two hours later, the area had been declared safe again - but the creep has yet to be caught.

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