The bears are coming out of hibernation, so what do we need to do if we encounter one? Do NOT panic. Now's a time to remember, these guys have been asleep for months, and I think we all can imagine what they're feeling like, coming back into the living world and stuff. It's important to make them feel welcome, otherwise they're going to be hella cranky.

If you see a bear in Northern Colorado...

  • 1

    Make him a rad mix tape of all your fave Northern Colorado bands.

    It's the ultimate gesture of friendship. I would make some sweet cover art, too.

    Would my mix be a little heavy on the Slow Caves? Sure, but it's my mix and I will do as I please. Also, bears...caves... they're going to love it. Next thing you know, he'll be at every show, too.

  • 2

    Treat him to some toast with lox at the Downtown Artery.

    Because bears love salmon, duh. Also, have you ever slept for an entire winter? Yeah, you're going to be a little hungry.

    Madi Scruggs/TSM
  • 3

    Invite him to karaoke night at the Blind Pig

    We've entertained a handful of out-of-towners, and come to find that all they really want to do is karaoke.

    (Video language NSFW)

  • 4

    Take him skinny dipping at Horsetooth.

    Only because a swimsuit on a bear would look totally dumb, come on. You should wear one though.

  • 5

    Teach him to ride a bike.