BizWest reported that the iconic 400-square-foot 'Butterfly Building' is looking for a new tenant at 212 LaPorte Avenue. 

Though it was built in 1964, BizWest stated that the Butterfly Building has a 'look' that the 'city of Fort Collins wants to preserve' because it 'features the space-age design created in the 1940s.' This famous mid-century modern architecture was known as 'Googie,' defined by BizWest as:

A form of modern architecture, influenced by car culture, jets and the Atomic Age. The style originated in Southern California and was popular for about 20 years. It was most used by builders of motels, coffee houses and gas stations. Features of Googie include upswept roofs, curvaceous, geometric shapes, and bold use of glass, steel and neon.

Among the century-old brick facades and new constructions that make up downtown Fort Collins, there is no arguing that this tiny structure stands out (or maybe it's just that bright blue paint).

With the abundance of coffee, bike and ice cream shops already in Old Town Fort Collins, we thought we'd brainstorm a few fresh ideas (and yes, we did save the best for last...).

If you think you have an idea, be sure to attend the pre-proposal meeting on January 14. You can get all the details, and learn more about the Butterfly Building here.