It always used to be movies and popcorn that went together like a hand and glove, but then along came soda and candy too, and now a movie is just a big ol' snack fest. What is our favorite candy? We couldn’t decide so we’re putting it to a vote. What do YOU think is the best movie theater candy?

Even with home theaters and surround sound and Blu-ray, there’s nothing quite like going to a movie theater. And nothing beats getting a big soda and a big bag of your candy. Popcorn is nice and nachos or pretzels aren’t bad, but sometimes you need something sweet or sour or chocolatey. There’s a lot of debate about which candy is best for movie watching so we want to settle it once and for all.

When you go to the movies and want some candy, what is your go to treat? Vote below and if you don’t see your favorite candy listed, you can write it in.

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