I actually don't really know, because I'm not from here. But, I'm in the Halloween spirit, and I would love to hear YOUR stories about the 'Hell Tree' at Strauss Cabin.

I've only been to this supposed site once, last week, and I thought it was a really pretty part of town. Its history, however... not so pretty.

What I have picked up form local lore, and some digging around online, is that it's the tree on the Strauss Cabin property where a crazy goat farmer used to hang his workers, until they conspired to hang him from the same tree. Some claim that ghosts haunt the tree.

"..This is just the urban legend behind the property. Tinges of flavor have been added over the years and no one seems to be able to find any documentation behind the stories. Many people have said that Jim Strang hanged his farm hands for stealing, which is not outlandish for a house built in the late 1800s. The hangings eventually caused a revolt in which Strang found himself hanging from the very same tree."

-source: Human Echoes humanechoes.com

According to local blogger, Cat McClintock of (Old) Lost Fort Collins, there is no 'official' documentation of this whole hanging story, and there is even a discrepancy on where the actual Hell Tree is located (some say it's on N. Overland, which is waaaaay across town).

Either way, I would love to hear from people who grew up in Fort Collins. Is this Hell Tree story total B.S.? Is there even a Hell Tree (I mean, people can't even agree on a location...)? Have you witnessed paranormal activity there? Tell us below and we might feature your story in a Halloween blog.