We could all use a little more calm, and Visit Colorado knows this. Recently featured in Forbes is the #ColoradoCalm hashtag, which is a way to bring the beautiful outdoors in to your homes during quarantine (fresh air not included).

If your feed on social media is just news, 'news' and more news(?), this is for you.

'According to the posted explanation of #ColoradoCalm, the videos include 'no branding, no links, no hidden agenda — just an honest moment of escape from their newsfeed,'' Forbes said about the posts.

The content on the Colorado tourism accounts shifted on Monday, March 16, when Visit Colorado shared a video with the caption, 'We understand that these can be stressful times so for the next few weeks we want to provide you a few moments of relaxation with 'Your daily dose of Colorado calm.' Simple videos that will bring Colorado to you.'

While normally we would love to be spending this time of the year outside and in the mountains, for now, we just can't. (Seriously, stop going to the mountains.)

#ColoradoCalm videos are shared daily on Visit Colorado's Twitter and Instagram accounts, so that's where you can find your dose of calm amid the chaos.

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