You may recall what Kid Rock said about Coloradoans after the last election.

Either way, it seems he is looking for a good campaign slogan for his upcoming bid for Senate.

Here are some suggestions we have heard so far:

*Kid Rock 2018: WTF?
*Kid Rock 2018: He just crapped on the carpet. Ewww.
*Kid Rock 2018 : I don't know what the f*** I'm doing.
*Kid Rock 2018: Sumb**** runs on Budweiser and stripper glitter.

Which got me to thinking: What if you looked at the last text on your phone (because you're not driving at the moment) and THAT had to be Kid Rock's campaign slogan.
Alisha gives us "Guess the DNA test came back."
Finster suggests "I'm exhausted and my show just sucked."

Your turn!

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