Colorado is standing its ground in alternative music right now with Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats and 888, while bands like The Fray and One Republic are holding things down in the pop world. But, what ever happened to these bands we used to have on our iPod playlists?

Breathe Carolina

I was a total Breathe Carolina fan girl. I went to every one of their shows in Colorado, from the early days of my hometown's music showcase, Broomstock (RIP) circa 2007, to Warped Tour, to the one they did at the Lory Student Center my freshman year at CSU. Kyle and David got pretty big; they were on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! and their song 'Blackout' (2011) was used in an episode of 90210, which I watched religiously in high school.

I have so many unanswered questions though. Why have we not heard anything since 'Blackout?' What happened to the music video for 'Hello Fascination?' WHAT HAPPENED TO KYLE?! And did you really do a song with Karmin? Oh, yeah I found the answer to that one.


You know, the band that taught us how to 'do the Hellen Keller, and talk with your hips.' The two rappers from Boulder hit #1 on the Billboard pop charts with 'Don't Trust Me' in 2009, and followed up with songs featuring Katy Perry and Ke$ha.

What ever happened to the guys who made my area code into a band name (hand gesture included)? Oh, good news, they're actually still around. Check it out:

Tickle Me Pink

This Fort Collins band blew up in 2008, and their song 'Typical' was caught on MTV's radar. Tickle Me Pink tragically lost a member that same year, and went quiet shortly after.

Recently, the band has been teasing us about coming back, and will be performing at Bohemian Nights NewWestFest in August -- so I guess we'll find out what's up.