We've left a lot of questions unanswered as to what happened to 94.3 Loudwire - until now.

You see, we actually didn't know what ever happened to Loudwire. One day Northern Colorado was graced with the rhaspy, whiny Nickleback and Breaking Benjamin s*** we call butt rock, and the next day Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder were lyrically sexing our ears over the airwaves. And out of almost nowhere Shelby, Drew, Tyler, Madi, Kelsey, and myself appeared.

Today we had our air ducts cleaned by the fine fellas at IMS Heating & Air. Franklin and Giles cleared the 20+ year-old gunk out of those puppies, and for that, we're super grateful. What's even better is that they found Loudwire, and got rid of it...for good.

We've got proof in the video below.