Picture this: you're out with your kids this year and you come across a child carrying a blue pumpkin basket. No, it's not a trick... More of a treat, in fact, since it's all about making Halloween more inclusive.

Blue pumpkin buckets are a tradition currently sweeping the nation as a replacement for the typical trick or treating buckets— they symbolize that the child using it is autistic and may not want to or be able to speak in order to earn their treat. It could also mean that even though you're seeing an older child out on the town, you should include them in the fun as well!

According to ABC News, the idea behind the bucket is to raise awareness for autism and to nonverbally explain to people that this child has a disability, without the added stress of having to explain it house to house. If you notice a blue bucket and the child holding it doesn't want to speak, just give them candy and a smile and move on with your night.

Every child deserves to experience Halloween without any added stress, and that's the idea behind the blue bucket...and it's an idea we can get behind.

To learn more about the blue buckets and their origin, check out ABC's full story right here.

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