Apparently, I've been out of the game a little too long.

Halloween weekend is just about here and the big day is on Sunday this year. Are you ready to get that sweet loot? And if you're a parent, are you ready to steal some pieces from your kid's bucket when it gets too heavy for them to carry?


Now, I don't have kids and I am obviously too old to trick-or-treat so I'm curious what the rules are.

Actually, I should probably tell you that I know how to trick-or-treat. I was once a kid and had a chance to do it once or twice. We did however, live in the middle of nowhere so when I say I got to do it once or twice, I actually mean "once of twice" and that was it.

But I still know how it works.

I'm more curious about how different neighborhoods handle trick-or-treating. I've seen some places streets and even some towns and cities set up some rules of engagement. Some boundaries, if you will.

What do those look like in our area? Do we have curfews? Do we have a set start time? Are any streets shut down specifically for the event? Are there any handouts that are considered off limits?

Here's how I always thought trick-or-treating worked. If it was dusk or dark, you were trick-or-treating. If the porch light was on, it was fair game. If the porch light was off, don't bother them. If you had to leave your house for whatever reason, you had to drive slower than five miles per hour.

What does your street or neighborhood do?

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