Ever looked outside and seen Fort Collins Police responding to a call, or driven past a cop car and wondered what was happening? This map will tell you -- and it's so satisfying for us nosy people. 

Google Maps
Google Maps - Click on map to see full interactive version.

The My Neighborhood Update interactive map will show you what kinds of calls Fort Collins Police have responded to; a violent crime, a noise complaint or a disturbance, and when and where the incident occurred.

The other night, I was at 7-Eleven with an iced tea craving, when another customer began harassing the cashier, and it escalated like, really quickly. Well, sure enough, there's a blue 'D' over 7-Eleven for that night at that time, meaning the police responded to that disturbance.

Kind of cool to check out, and a good way to know what kind of crime is happening in your neighborhood, where you should make sure to lock your car doors, etc. See My Neighborhood Update here.