One thing I learned about the cult that calls themselves the Westboro Baptist Church is that they want press, so if we write about them or talk about them we are letting them win. So why the hell am I doing that? Because these bastards keep getting more and more sick and twisted, and I want you to know what they did to celebrate movie star Paul Walker's death. Maybe I can make a few more people livid, and eventually something will be done to stop these scumbags. 

First off, I can't say I was a Paul Walker fan, and sadly I have never seen one of his movies. The day he passed, I had to ask who he was. Only reason I am throwing that out there is so you know I am not some crazed "Fast and the Furious" fan who just wants to stand up for an idol of mine. This article is strictly about theses jackasses who are not humane in any way, shape or form. I don't care whether this is a movie star, a soldier, or an everyday Joe that they are doing this to, IT IS WRONG...

Has anyone else had enough? I am not sure how we stop this, but enough is enough, and it needs to be done!

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