I'm not into the rock wall craze, but if you are, here you go!  In Colorado, it seems to me that the main purpose of a man-made rock wall might be to train for real rock climbing.  While I personally have no interest in partaking in outdoor rock climbing, this sport still fascinates me.  I gravitate more toward things I get a second chance at when I screw up.  (So yeah, skydiving isn't lookin' too promising for me, either.)

That said, if you're enticed by rock climbing walls, you're sure to love this!

National Climbing Centre for Scotland
Getty Images

The former Sports Authority in Englewood is where you will find what will be the nation's largest rock climbing wall to date, thanks to Earth Treks, the largest wall-climbing retailer in the U.S.  And it should go well.  There's already been an Earth Treks in Golden for some time, and it typically draws about 1000 visitors per day.

The company's founder, Chris Warner, describes rock walls as art, pointing out that they tend to draw crowds who will never do "real" outdoor rock climbing, as they are here to climb the art!


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