Casey Saunders of Wellington, Colorado has completed the rare trifecta: twin calves on the ranch, 9-year-old identical twin boys, and now identical twin baby girls. The calves are a happy coincidence, but having identical twins in consecutive births is very rare. Identical twins occur about once in every 250 births. At Casey's first ultrasound, the technician suggested she go buy a Powerball ticket.

The second birth came with a much higher risk as the girls were Monoamniotic Monochorionic or MoMo twins. This happens in less than 1 percent with twin births. MoMo twins during the pregnancy pretty much share everything, including the amniotic sac. That's what makes this pregnancy so high risk due to possible umbilical cord entanglement or compression. Thankfully, everything went great and the now 4-month-old girls are at home with Casey and her husband Eugene, and of course, the twin calves and the twin boys.


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