With restaurants and breweries opening back up, big gatherings continue to be cancelled across the state, and Weldwerks' annual invitational is the latest victim.

According to a press release, "the WeldWerks Invitational is known for providing beer lovers with an intimate experience that deviates from the traditional convention cup format." However, while the festival is beloved each year, the safety of their patrons is WeldWerks' number one priority, so a cancellation was deemed necessary.

Even though it may be safe to gather in large groups by October, the additional safety measures would make it less than a world-class experience, according to Kristin Popcheff, Director of Operations at WeldWerks. They want to ensure you're enjoying their beer in the best ways possible.

WeldWerks is providing refunds to the event and plans on taking their 2021 invitational to the next level.

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