As reports of police impersonators increase across the front range, the Weld County Sheriff's Office has identified a vehicle of interest.

The Weld County Sheriff's Office sent out a warning about police impersonators on their Facebook page, including a description of a car that may be frequently used in the deceptions.

The suspect vehicle is described as a black Dodge Charger that might be equipped with emergency lights in the dash, and may or may not be outfitted with magnetic, law enforcement-type signs on the door. It is believed the Charger is a 2016 or similar model.


The main suspect in these false traffic stops is a white male of medium height, heavy-set and with long hair. He might also be wearing dark clothes that look like a police uniform.

Police say if you're getting pulled over and you feel unsafe, turn on your blinking emergency lights and call 911. They can verify if the car attempting to pull you over is a real police officer or an impersonator.

Source: Facebook

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