I treated the solar eclipse the way I treat a football game.  Took a look at the beginning... tried to be there for the best part... and listened around me to hear how it turned out... but never sat down to watch it, nor did I go out of my way.  That said, it was a neat astronomical happening that seemed like some wonderful fluke.  I really liked how it was darker for awhile and what the clouds looked like then.

Meanwhile, all kinds of crazy was happening around us.

  • While 217,000 vehicles were added to Wyoming's roads yesterday (in addition the the already 206k,) and traffic was at a near standstill on I-25, part of the reason?  People stopping for selfies in front of the Wyoming sign at the border.
  • A thief pulled over to look at the eclipse, and got arrested.  Jocsan Rosado, who's 22, stole a car in Kissimmee, Florida yesterday; and apparently didn't realize the cops were trailing him.  Because as he drove away, he made a quick pit stop into a hardware store to buy a welder's mask to use to check out the eclipse.  He put it on, and as he watched the sky, the cops moved in and arrested him.
  • Businesses lost a ton of money.  According to an employment firm called Challenger, Gray, and Christmas (yes, really,) yesterday's eclipse cost American companies a total of approximately $694 MILLION in lost productivity.  And almost one-third of that comes from the cities from Oregon to South Carolina that were along the eclipse's path.
  • It got cooler outside, as we all know the sun going behind a cloud in Colorado can take us from summer to fall in a second!
  • Street lights came on.
  • Chickens freaked out.
  • Sometimes you could see dozens of tiny eclipse shadows.
  • Downloads of this increased by about 3000%:

For those of us who remember the 80s, we heard that song more than enough back then (kidding / not kidding.)

  • And, this diddy in case you missed it yesterday:

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