Dave Grohl got a start on life after Nirvana when he launched the Foo Fighters' career with an eponymous 1995 album. "This Is a Call" served as the first lead single and the legendary spoof maestro "Weird Al" Yankovic opted to faithfully cover the song at a recent San Diego concert.

The comedic musician returned to the stage after delivering his own quirky classics, opening the encore with the Foo Fighters hit. Rather than hilariously transforming the track into something like "This Is a Stall," a still wide open opportunity to sing about bathrooms, or anything else absurd that works with the rhyme scheme, Yankovic kept it traditional as heard in the video above.

This tour, dubbed "The Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour" only features one parody medley while the rest of the set is comprised of Weird Al originals, likely explaining why the cover remained intact. The sets have varied from night to night, with the encores opening with various cover selections.

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