From The Fray and Firefall, to Big Head Todd and the Monsters and Tennis, we've got a pretty awesome, diverse music scene in Colorado. What if we had a special place dedicated to it? That's what happened in Dublin.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Colorado Band The Fray

I was reading around BBC News, because I like to get my news delivered with a cute English accent, when I saw a story about a new bar and museum in Dublin, specifically dedicated to rock 'n' roll artists from Ireland. The walls of the Irish Rock 'n Roll Museum Experience in Temple Bar are lined with photos and tour riders from artists like Hozier, Snow Patrol and of course U2 (who really likes to drink, but, again, this is Ireland we're talking about).

Museum visitors can experience what it's like to be their favorite musician, by getting to dress up like them, pick up some instruments and take the stage. How cool is that (especially after you've had a few local craft beers)?

If we had a place like that here, I think it would be pretty popular. One of you reading this right now should get the ball rolling on that. I'll frequent the place, I promise!