My wife is allergic to cats, and had never dealt with one when we got together.  Today, she trims their claws, schedules their vet appointments, and yes... gives them a bath when it's absolutely necessary.  But they definitely don't sleep with us.

Had it been me, I would've just given Stache' a sponge bath, but it's better this way, as that bucket of water was disgusting after this!

This was lucky.  Last time I washed a cat, it as in a bathtub of a duplex I was renting, and I'm lucky the cops and/or animal control didn't get called.  Let's just say it was very... very noisy.

We all love when we're going about our business, or better yet trying to sleep, and somewhere you can't see, your cat is doing some high-speed scratching with its leg.  So, we'll see if this fixes the problem.

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