TikTok can be very polarizing. Either you love the app, or you hate it with a passion. There really is no in-between. Those that use TikTok know that there are some pretty amazing things on the app.

I have found so many useful life hacks, music I never would have found, or places to eat if it wasn't for the app. One of those places is called Mochinut in Aurora.

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I discovered this place on TikTok from the user, DenverFoodScene. The short video highlights the colorful location, Korean corndogs, mochi donuts, and boba made at Mochinut located at 2222 South Havana Street in Aurora.

@denverfoodsceneMochinut is in now open! Aurora #colorado

♬ Do It To It - ACRAZE

After showing the clip to my wife, she said that she really wanted to try it out, so we went down for her birthday. We took I-25 all the way down to I-225 and got off on Parker Road. From there we drove a couple of miles to Havana Street. Upon entering the parking lot, we knew this place was popular as a rush of people were walking to the doors of Mochinut.

As we got out of the car, a familiar smell permeated through the air. The reminiscent smell of funnel cakes frying in fresh oil. You know, that good, first day of the Greeley Stampede smell. There was a line of about a dozen people outside and more still within the doors.

Overall, the line went quite quickly and gave us time to look over the menu.

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx

My wife, brother-in-law, and I decided this is how it was going to go down at Mochinut: a half dozen mochi donuts, five Korean corndogs, and three boba milk teas.

Aurora's Mochinut: Corndogs, Boba and Mochi Donuts

We went to TikTok's viral Mochinut in Aurora. This is what we ordered.

If you love corndogs, donuts, or boba milk teas, you need to make the trip down and grab a bite to eat for yourself. It was certainly an experience that we will never forget and will be back for more as they regularly change out the mochi donut flavors quite often.

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