Tornadoes on the plains of Colorado are relatively common this time of the year, but every now and then, one can touch down at a higher elevation. 

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Tuesday, July 23, a tornado struck the town of Westcliffe, which is at 7,000 feet (2,000 feet higher than Fort Collins).

According to CBS4, while tornadoes in the mountains and at higher elevations are not common, they do happen.

'One of the most dramatic ever caught on camera touched down at nearly 12,000 feet on the side of Mount Evans on July 28, 2012,' CBS4 said. 'It was the highest tornado ever recorded in Colorado and the second highest in the United States.'

If they do happen, it's most common in June and July, but they can even happen in the winter. (See: Snow-nado)

Tuesday's tornado caused damage to several structures, CBS4 reported.

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