We all know that our healthcare professionals getting us through the pandemic are heroic in so many ways, but this video features one who's gone above and beyond. Watch this heartfelt video of Kayla Elfgren, who cleaned every single COVID-19 room at Poudre Valley Hospital.

Fox 31 Denver has the story on Elfgren, an Environmental Services Technician who has worked at UCHealth Poudre Valley Hospital for over 20 years.

When COVID hit Poudre Valley Hospital in March, Elfgren volunteered to be the technician charged with cleaning the COVID-19 rooms.

She said patients sometimes cry when she comes in to clean because they are afraid she will get sick. Meanwhile, Elfgren cries tears of joy when the patients are released.

Elfgren worked extra shifts with extended hours for months during the heat of the pandemic, making sure the rooms were ready for their next patients once they arrived.

I, personally, feel really grateful to have someone like Kayla Elfgren working in my community.

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