It's a dangerous thing to try and read the intentions of a bear. They sure do look cute and cuddly sometimes, but a new video shows a bear that appears to be playful at times chase a skier all the way down a mountain.

This is one of the longest bear encounters on a mountain that I recall seeing. It begins with a skier who's making his way down the slopes. He sees a bear come out of the nearby trees. He does the right thing and stops to allow the bear room to scurry back into the woods.

ViralHog via YouTube

After coming within around 50 feet of the skier, the bear lays down at the edge of the slope and almost seems playful.

ViralHog via YouTube

After the skier feels the bear is past him, he tries to ski on down the hill. The bear now gives chase.

ViralHog via YouTube

The chase gets more and more serious as the skier tries to warn other skiers down the mountain that there is a large predator heading their way.

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Watch the chase in its entirety and think about how you would have reacted.

Several times the skier stops when he thinks the bear has left the chase. If I were him, I would have assumed that the bear was gonna overtake me and just keep on going warning anyone I could on the way down. Fortunately, this close call with a bear ended with the bear making his way back into the woods without humans or animals being harmed. It's possible the wildlife officials will try and locate this bear and find a new natural home for him since he seems way too interested and comfortable around humans.

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