Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared a great video of a great horned owl and a bobcat that you have to see.

Seeing animal photos and videos isn't really abnormal because we live in such an incredible state. However, we rarely see them communicate audibly. In a video originally posted by Evan Kruegel on Twitter, you can see a bobcat walking through a front yard while an owl in a tree is "yelling" at the cat.


Credit: Evan Kruegel on Twitter
Credit: Evan Kruegel on Twitter


I just like to imagine what they're saying. Here's what I think are some of the top contenders:

1. The owl knows there's something poisonous in the garbage and he's warning the bobcat.

2. The owl is making fun of the home owners because he knows that his buddy "Yogi" is going to rip that trash apart tonight.

3. Maybe they're dating? Maybe they 'yelling' isn't anything bad at all!

4. Maybe they are dating, and this is a lovers quarrel. "What do you want for dinner?" - "I don't care."

5. Maybe the owl is warning other animals that a predator is nearby.

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