What can we say? Nobody knows how to do self-care like an elephant. One of these majestic creatures at the Denver Zoo gave everyone in quarantine quite a show as it rolled in the mud to cool off.

Luckily, the Denver Zoo has been bringing the zoo to you with their zoo cam, so we don't have to miss a moment of funny animal hijinks while sequestered on our couches.

They posted this to Facebook:

There’s nothing quite like wallowing in the mud on a hot winter’s day—especially if you’re Groucho. In another gem captured by Toyota Elephant Passage’s camera, we caught the old man truly enjoying a good roll in the mud, made with especially soft sand found throughout his home as that’s what is best for his joints and feet. As for the 400 lb log the youngsters dragged into the mud—not a fan. #closedbutstillcaring #bringingthezootoyou

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