I guess this tree is like the Trader Joe's of the forest: Everyone is here.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared a video on their Twitter account on April 21 of several animals visiting the fallen tree: a mountain lion is seen skulking in the night vision, a squirrel scampers through the frame, and a beautiful herd of deer step over it as they head to their next adventure. Check out the video for yourself right here:

My favorite part? Around 1:38, when a majestic stag can't quite figure out if he's stuck or not. There are even moments where the wildlife stare into the lens, as if they know they're being watched and they're ready to put on a show for us....Except for the mountain lion, who, I think, is preoccupied with scratching the trunk (see: 1:10).

Roxborough State Park is located in Littleton, Colorado, which boasts its fair share of wildlife. This includes coyotes, foxes, geese, snakes, and squirrels. According to the park's website, no "pets, drones, camping, mountain bikes, horses, rock climbing, fires or marijuana are permitted in Roxborough State Park." This is because the park's natural resources are its most precious commodity.

For trail closures, park hours, and more, head to this link here. 

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